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Remember these are YouTube videos and content not always made by us. Our guides in our premium section are designed to take you through a process and help you immediately through WhatsApp, video, and written guides.

Salary Guidelines

Dollar Guide.

Crew Agents List

Captain Luke Hammond.

Contract Example

Seafarer Employment Agreement for Cayman Islands

Shurhold Catalog

Learn and read about the tools you will use on deck.

Salary Guidelines

Euro Guide.

Bank Application

Standard Bank Seafarer Account

Basic Steps

Basic steps to take to make this career a possibility.

Eco Products

Familiarise yourself with eco cleaning products. 


Free Cv Template

A great resume template to work from. Free, simple and neat.

Schengen Visa Info

Written specifically for South Africans. Here is all the visa info.

Permit to Work

A formal documented system, used to control high-risk activities

3M Catalogue 

Familiarise yourself with products and tools from 3M

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