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What's inside Premium?

We set out to impress leading training facilities and well known placement agencies with what we have inside premium. That is exactly what we have done. 

We are yet to find someone unsatisfied with how much information we have made available and now It is our turn to show YOU! 


We answer more FAQs in premium than anyone else ever has.

The questions you see here are what you can expect to see inside Premium.

These questions are either being answered through quick video tutorials, Instagram style or edited. They may be answered in a proper FAQ section or even as a PDF. We do whatever we can do to answer ASAP and then improve on the answer.

Stewardess FAQ's

Deckhand Faq's

Questions we have answered...

Do any specific courses make me look more employable?

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For guidance from industry experts like Captains, Chief stews, Chefs and Deck crew, be sure to see our lifetime once-off premium account. You will have access to direct lines of contact with crew in the industry, a HUGE list of answered questions, video, and written guides.  

We provide menu ideas for chefs, detailed steps for progression and even organise daywork for our members when we can.

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